Kcho is one of the greatest painters nowadays.


The field of contemporary Cuban visual art is, without any doubt, very troubled. For many years our art market was reduced to hidden procedures and awkward skirmishes. A well-known and conscious management of cultural goods is being missing since then, as well as the existence of secure ways to satisfy the local artistic production, or even the mere existence of a fair legitimizing space with the capability to establish and celebrate the most valuable aspects of visual arts in the Island.

Amid such an environment marked by the instability, Avistamientos Gallery constitutes a certain road which makes possible a direct access to contemporary Cuban art. Excellence, promptness and security distinguish it within the national circuit of galleries. Its raison d’être is the increase of a highly professional and reliable service of cultural management whose features are the generation of information about the newest artistic production, the responsible practice of criticism, the projection of paradigms of value, and the direct or assisted sales. Its head office in Havana, founded by the art collector José Busto, is located in the Southeastern part of the city, only a few minutes away from the center. The very act of foundation of this space has meant a variation in the management, valuation, and production of contemporary art, as it assures an excellent service and a healthy promotional practice.

Likewise, due to the strengthening of a virtual space fueled by an arsenal of criteria about art and the national culture, it has favored the visibility of a very wide list of Cuban creators. Hence, Avistamientos Gallery is distinguished by its systematic work, its topicality and good sense; it is the site to be consulted if it is about the Island. It is worth mentioning the great amount of information it keeps, its constant instrumental renovation –following the rhythm of globalization and computerization in the business world–, and its efficiency as a business tool.

The creations of several generations of artists coexist in its funds, marked by the diversity of ways of expression and technical multiplicity. In an eminent way, the work of collection and selection has generated an imaginary balance in which the axiomatic reflective-discursive issues of contemporary Cuban art become visible. There is no doubt Avistamientos will bring you close to the most representative artists among the wide range of proposals offered by our island, always preferring formal exquisiteness, responsibility in the discourse and the most experimental devices, and always avoiding banal lucubration and disloyal attempts of creation and thinking.

From being just an alternative, Avistamientos has become a necessary space. Amid a murky institutional reality as that one that grows in Cuba, this gallery represents the happy combination of more than one possibility of development for the production and the establishment of Cuban art and its most prestigious exponents. Even if it is true that we are still needing a museum of contemporary art, a definitive temple of value for the insular artistic creation, it is also true that, in its absence, Avistamientos Gallery exists and has made possible the materialization and the homage of not a few bold dreams in the meridian of tropic. Therefore, click, since your visit is already imminent.