The finely brushstroke of the female painters Ilse Antón and Anabel Cairo overflows at the exhibition at the bookstore CubaLibro in Havana City.


AVISTAMIENTOS Cuban Contemporary Art Gallery is a portal site that offers the world the main artistic values and distinctive features of visual arts in Cuba. Some distinctive features are the creative coexistence of several artists’ generations and the diversity of languages, techniques, procedures, artistic genres. Another feature is the thematic, conceptual repertoire that constitutes the great aesthetic imagery of the main social, cultural, political, economic, and ideological concerns. They encourage the deep thought developed by artists from the largest island of the Antilles, which it is without doubt one of the main settings for the Caribbean and Latin American Contemporary Art.

In this art gallery, the ones interested in Cuban art can lay eyes on an exclusive exhibit of the artistic production created by a series of first-rate artists.  It is a list that includes creators from the generations of the 1970s, 1980s and 1990s, as well as from the younger groups –creators graduated recently from art schools or still undergoing their academic training. Moreover, if you decide to navigate with us through the Cuban contemporary art, you will see for yourself the way in which the most traditional artistic mediums –Painting, Engraving, Sculpture, Pottery, and Photography– coexist, in a coherent harmony, with the procedures and practices known as postmodernism: installation art, video art, conceptual art, performance art, digital art, public art, etc.

AVISTAMIENTOS offers access not only to the most refined art regarding formal realization, but also to the most experimental and conceptual procedures developed today in Cuba. But then, on both ends of the aesthetic experience, namely the most ineffable sensory delight and the most stimulating intellectual lucubration, our gallery has selected the best for you: the kind of art that has in common neither political pamphlets nor commercial kitsch.

AVISTAMIENTOS is also a project that provides material support to young Cuban artists, so they can develop their creative proposals. In addition, it is a place to advertise art that does not count on official institutional circles for support. Since 2011 and hitherto, José Busto –its creator and director– has sponsored the production of nearly twenty artistic projects. Nine out of those twenty participated in the 11th Havana Biennial.

Furthermore, this gallery is an alternative space to trade the best Cuban contemporary art that excels for its quality in the Caribbean and Latin American plastic art scenes. In an institutional framework that is monopolized by state negotiations and plagued by the lack of technology, the architectural deterioration, the political censorship control, the professional apathy and abulia (like the ones existing in Cuba), the action taken by José Busto and his AVISTAMIENTOS Art Gallery comes to be a necessity, a possibility, a dream… that must come true in the near future, in order to achieve a prosperous development and international expansion of the Cuban contemporary art.