Iván Capote will be perhaps the best conceptual artist in Cuba.



AVISTAMIENTOS a Cuban Contemporary Art Gallery, is the gate to witness the values and aesthetic singularities that define Cuban ultimate visual arts: creative coexistence of various artists’ generations, the diversity of meanings, techniques, procedures, artistic genres and conceptual compilations thematically speaking. These elements embody the whole aesthetic imagery on social, economic, cultural, political and ideological concerns and at the same time emphasize that reflexive, problematical work embraced by artists who come from the biggest of the Antilles, which certainly rises as one of the most important Latin American and Caribbean art centers.

Those who are interested in fine art can appreciate one exquisite sample from a group of Cuban first level artists. This selected list includes personalities from the 60’s, the 70’s, the 80’s and the 90’s Cuban art scene of the past century but also promotions of ingenious younger artists recently graduated from art schools or yet under academic formation. Correspondingly, if you decide to join us on a journey through the waves of Cuban contemporary art you will realize how harmonically traditional art medias (painting, engraving, sculpture, ceramic, photography) share the same space with postmodern praxis such as installment, video art, conceptual art, performance, digital art, public art, etc.

AVISTAMIENTOS makes you get involved with both sides of aesthetic experience as of a highly refined art in terms of formal implementation and remains daring with the most experimental and conceptual procedures currently developed in Cuba. The perceiving pleasures of ineffable junctures with the most exciting intellectual inventions. Our art gallery has chosen the best in Cuban fine arts for you: an art that doesn’t flirt neither with political speech nor with commercial kitsch.

AVISTAMIENTOS is also a project that supports Cuban young artists in order to update their resourceful offers. Furthermore, it is a space to promote art that hasn’t been supported yet by the government institutions. From 2011 so far, José Busto –his manager and founder–, has sponsored the production of fifteen art projects and nine out of these fifteen projects participated at 11th Havana Biennial.

Accordingly, this fine art gallery is an alternative space for commercializing the best Cuban contemporary art that is recognized for its quality among the others in Latin American and Caribbean art scenery. Bureaucracy has become a usual guest if not the main rule inside Cuban institutions. It is the prevailing tendency in times of dictating institutional strategies that are awfully mishandled due to the existence of problems like the lack of motivation, negligence and great commodity shortages. Despite all this, AVISTAMIENTOS distinguishes itself by getting over these hindrances through hard work, professionalism and excellence at each and every of its curatorial projects. Moreover, AVISTAMIENTOS is constantly advertised on Internet in order to keep all the users updated about the last projects. Busto’s capability to identify creative, challenging enterprises packed with guaranteed success is just outstanding.

AVISTAMIENTOS is just a necessity, a possibility, a dream… that ought to come true in a close future, for the sake of prosperous development and the spread of Cuban contemporary art all over the world.